Our Projects

We take exciting detours.

We consider it our responsibility to construct the future of technology, and we constantly find applications we think to have impact.


Reach your audience Anywhere
Grow your brand and connect with customers through dynamic DOOH advertising, TV, radio and print in Uganda. One place to get it all done.

Application:  Advertising Data


Realtime agricultural supply chain
Network for agricultural suppliers, we are putting sourcing operations on auto-pilot.

Application:  Agriculture Logistics



Start, Finance, and Run your Business
MyFy is a mobile app which helps entrepreneurs to sell online and market their business, receive orders and payments, track and fulfill them, 'circle-source' capital through group savings, and keep verifiable records, to qualify for a credit score.

Application:  Business Credit acquisition


English To Luganda Translation

Wangi can translate any sentence structure even outside the set it has been trained on, enjoy the freedom. Increased internet penetration for the English-illiterate population

Application:  AI Translation



Own your medical records
A secure platform for managing and sharing medical records putting patients in control.

Application:  Health



Today's headlines, with a backstory.
There's more to life than news and Twitter. We answer the question: What'd I miss?

Application:  News



Discover and apply to the best schools in your area. Swift online enrollment. Enrollment-as-a-Service platform

Application:  Education


Find the nearest vaccination centre in your area and set a reminder for your doses.

Application:  COVID-19 Health


Chat, Share and Sync with your class
One app to do it all. Messaging, document-sharing, and timetable-syncing for students in schools, colleges and universities.

Application:  Education Scheduling

Loft Cards

Modern Cards for business, events and payments.

Application:  ERP FinTech

Here I Co.me

Step into the world's most beautiful destinations and experiences. Virtual tours you can't ignore.

Application:  Tourism VR

by Loft

The hybrid event ticketing platform. Immersive experiences, and payments.

Application:  Event Ticketing

Insurance policies

A catalog of insurance policies and a concise analysis and statistics.

Application:  Insurance Business

Forex digital display

A digital bulletin board with a central price managemnet system for synchronous operation of forex outlets, can be used for other data forms such as price quotes, weather, transport departures/arrivals.

Application:  Forex Banking Transport Ads