With more than 3 billion people worldwide using smartphones, more than 1.5 billion using tablets as of 2019...

Users, on average, spend 90% of their mobile time in apps and there are more than 700 million apps downloads from various app stores.

Building a winning app is a process, and we take it very seriously. So we ask questions, we brainstorm, we strategize & plan.

We build exclusively native applications, devoting ourselves to development and design. It’s our way of creating products that your users will love.

Through research and development, we help you finalize the functions list, prepare the technical requirements, and develop the application architecture with a roadmap of interactivity (UX). We can also make an interactive prototype and test it with a focus group. We do not stop at that, design is everything your user interacts with. The better the impression your product makes, the more users it attracts. We avoid cookie-cutter solutions, creating an individualized design for your unique audience while anticipating your needs and expectations.

We are strong on quality assurance, the development lifecycle involves continuous integration with end-to-end testing. The testing phase is separated only in word, never in deed: testing begins at the first sprint and ends with acceptance testing, which includes performance and real data testing. We make sure the app gets on to the apple store and google play store,we’re here to help with launching apps and prepping any necessary materials. This may involve a promotional video, text with key words for Apple Store and Google play, ASO expertise, and working out a strategy for moving forward.

Competitive analysis

We leverage purposeful design to put you ahead of your competition.

We kick off each project with a thorough brand immersion exercise, followed by an internal deep dive of research. Valuable competitive analysis starts with identifying who your company's competitors are and how you differentiate from each other. We help you analyze their current strategy and level of success in the market in order to develop solutions that put you ahead. Additionally, we look to the latest in design and technology in order to identify opportunities to outperform your competitors in terms of user experience, engagement, and conversion. Following our initial client kickoff meeting, our team conducts further research to ensure that the designs executed are optimized to meet your company's specific business goals. To better drive your brand vision and position your business above competitors, we help you identify your competitors' strengths and challenges. We work with you to elevate your brand positioning, increase brand awareness, and communicate your competitive advantages.